About Us

The beginnings of the radio-amateurism in Báčsky Petrovec date of 30's last century. The technical club started with its activity at the end of 1948. Later on it grew into the Edison Radio Club which mainly assembled the Youth of peasants and craftsmen. Radio-technical lectures were organized and electro-material of used up military radio instruments were used in the practical work. 

The Club had changed its location several times and finally it remained without the rooms and stopped its activity. From that period we have to mention some enthusiasts such as Ondrej Labát, Pavel Gáni, Ondrej Snida, Samuel Lačok, Štefan Ožvát and Ján Benda. The first meetings of the radio-amateurism and photo-amateurism associations were held in the Grammar School in Báčsky Petrovec with help of Samuel Lomen technical education teacher, but this activity stayed only in the range of the Grammar School.

The Petrovec Radio Club was founded on March 5th 1967. At the beginning it had many difficulties and started its activity only at the end of 1969 when two pupils of that time, Juraj Andrášik and Vladimír Lačok insisted on organization of the first course for radio-operators and radio-constructors. The course was led by professors Samuel Lomen and Branislav Spevák (radio-technic and electro-technic) and Pavel Hmirák (radio-telegraphy). There were more than 40 attendants who passed the examination for the radio-constructors. They were the first radio-operators in Báčsky Petrovec. After that professor Lomen made a short waves radio-transceiver of 3,5 and 7 MHz, power 25W and for the first time the call sign YU1AJM (now YU7AJM) went out into the ether. Only CW was worked. After on the Heathkit HW-101 was bought as well as YAESU FT-200, so it was worked SSB, too.

The interest for radio amateurism grew up and the courses were held again. The first B-classes for radio-amateurs were done. At that time Ján Paulíny YU1ODX (now YU7HC), Samuel Lomen YU1OCM, Vladimír Lačok YU1ODZ (now YU7YZ), later on Pavel Hmirák YU1ODW (YU7DW) and Štefan Ožvát YU1ODY (YU7ODY - who was the first that worked on VHF on 144 MHz, then the only AM) started to work on HF.

For a couple of years the Club worked in the Grammar School, after it changed its location many times even it was without the rooms and all this reflected on its activity. At that time the active members were Pavel Franka (YU1ODV and YU7FP), Daniel Lekár (YU1ODU), Ondrej Zátroch (YU1OCL), Ján Lekár, Ján Lačok, Pavel Červený, Pavel Vrbovský, Vladimír Fejdi, Vladimír Pucovský sen. (YZ7VP) and Karol Bartoš (YU7MC). Unfortunately some of them are not more with us.

In 1984 the Club got the rooms in the old primary school. They were in a very bad condition so entirely adaptation was made. The Club started its activity again. New furniture, antennas TH-3j, W3DZZ, Delta Loop, YU0B, transceivers Kenwood TS-430S and TR-751E, a complete classroom for courses, measure instruments, books, electro-material and others were bought. Courses have been organized again, radio-amateur QSO's are held and the Club takes part in different contests. The Club cooperate with the primary schools and the secondary school Ján Kollár where the courses are held, too. The PPS in Hložany with the call sign YU7AZK was opened while in Kulpin we have not succeeded in PPS for the lack of the rooms. Active members in Hložany were Ondrej Murtín, Juraj Macko, Ján Macko, Ján Parkáni, Ján Franka, Ján Hrubík and Kyseľa Michal.

The Club organize three succesful meetings with the Radio Club Braća Stojaković from Bačka Palanka, on July 10th - the Day of Radio-amateurs Association, on the Anniversary of Nikola Tesla's Birthday (there used to be more than 600 people).

The Club have achieved a great success in VHF contests at 144 MHz category till 30W, in the May Contest, the Nikola Tesla's  Memorial Contest, especially in the Fruška Gora near the village Lug, locator JN95SE, at the altitude 260 meters.

The wireless intranet at 2,4 GHz was made in 2005 and all members are connected to it. For Access point was bilt collinear antenna and for client were bilt bi-quad antennas.

The members of theClub together with the local authority took part in the celebration of 250 years anniversary of the migration of the Slovaks in Petrovec. Then we worked with the call sign YU250AJM and in the year 2005 we signed 260 anniversary when we also printed a special QSL card.


In this las period of Club history members of the Club was:Ján Cerovský, Dušan Sremac YT7MFW, Vesna Romić, Pavel Benka (4N7TA now YT7TA), Dragan Vujkov YT7XT, Ján Selský YU7SS, Pavel Sýkora, Jaroslav Diviak, Ján Valentík, Ľuboš Medovarský, Slobodan Gajinov, Ján Peťkovský, Stanislav Struhár, Andrej Lomen (YU7ONE), Ivan Lomen, Peter Forgáč, Miroslav Belička (4N7NN now YT7MB), Paulína Topoľská, Vladimír Pucovský jr., Jaroslav Grňa  (YU7SLO), Miroslav Žila and Fero Hrubík. Since 2006 we have new young members: Martin Pucovský, Miroslav Vujović and Ondrej Melich.